Friday, November 18, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun!!

29 days and counting until baby Macy is due!!  These last fifteen seven months feel like they have gone by really fast, but it also feels like I have been pregnant FOREVER!  Only 4 more weeks to go though.. I can do it!

This pregnancy has been pretty non-eventful.  My last couple of visits Macy's heart rate has been kind of fast, but it's still within the normal range, so nothing to worry about.  I have started to prepare Kara's room to be a room for two.  Kara wants to play with everything that we get or take out though - she likes to be a mommy to all her little stuffed animals, so all the tiny stuff for Macy has become accessories for Kara's babies.  Which is totally ok with me at this point, I just hope we don't have a struggle when Macy is born and we need to take all these things back from Kara... 

Like we don't have enough on our plates trying to get ready for a new baby in our house right around the busiest time of year.... we now get to do a total remodel of our downstairs bathroom!  Joe had noticed that the toilet was leaking water, he thought it just needed a new seal at the base of the toilet - well guess what, he was wrong... water had leaked under the tiles, so he had to pull up all the tiles and take out the vanity.  Our bathroom looks a little like this:

Pretty, huh?  Joe took the day off work today to deal with this.. lucky him!  He bought new tile last night, so hopefully we will have a nice, new, unleaky bathroom soon!

A few other random thoughts:

Kara was Scooby Doo for Halloween - isn't she adorable??

MY child picked out a DRESS to wear for pictures.... willingly.. it was actually her idea!!
Now the challenge is to get her to wear it for pictures and have her cooperate
for pictures.  I think she can do it!

And, how cute are these matching I <3 Santa shirts I got for the girls??
I have to hope that Macy doesn't come too late, otherwise she may not be here in time for Christmas, but I'm still planning on having her early, so it's all good.

I really truly cannot wait to be done being pregnant.  I can't wait to stop having crazy cravings, I'm totally over the hip and sciatic nerve pain, I want to see Macy, I want to start running again, I want to do the 30 day Shred again, and I want to have a dang beer already!!