Saturday, February 20, 2010

Potty Time!!

Kara used her potty chair for the very first time today!! And not only did she use it once, but she used it twice!! I am so proud of my little monkey. She is growing up way too quickly.

We bought her potty chair a couple of weeks ago and she has pretty much shown zero interest in it. But today I had her in the bathroom with me as I was getting ready and she said "potty chair", so I asked her if she wanted to sit on it. So, I got her on it not expecting anything to happen and before I knew it she actually went potty!! Crazy little girl!!

I hope that this will be a new trend in our house and she will be potty trained before we know it!! Wish us luck!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I hope cupid found you and shot you in the heart with one of his love arrows... or whatever it is that he does with those arrows.

Joe and I celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday. We dropped Kara off with Grandma and Grandpa and headed out for some much needed alone time. Our first stop was the Mall of America, which was horribly busy, probably the busiest I have ever seen it. All I wanted was to go to Maurice's to buy a smaller size pair of jeans, which I did do successfully! GO ME! I also bought 2 new shirts that I just love. After the mall we headed to our hotel to check in, got ready and snapped a few pictures.

Then we headed out for dinner at Muffuletta in St. Paul, and it was oh so delicious!! I had a steak and Joe had Ahi Tuna.. he is much more adventurous than I am!! We went back to the hotel, had some wine and watched Couple's Retreat, which we had to pay $14.99 to rent on the tv.. lame!

It was nice to get away from reality, even if it was only for one night. We needed it!

So, while we enjoyed some adult time Kara stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, where I hear she ate banana pancakes, covered herself in paint and then played at an indoor playground! Here are some pictures of Kara's artwork.. apparently Grandma and Grandpa forgot to mention that she was supposed to paint on the paper...

Kara painted Joe and I some beautiful Valentine's pictures, with help from G&G of course, I will have to post some pictures of them!

Then to finish off the weekend I bought myself a bunch of tulips!

I love tulips because they remind me of spring, and I love spring because it brings fresh air, green grass, and blooming cherry blossom trees. Its probably my favorite season!! I cannot wait until spring finally gets here and we can open the windows and bring Kara to the park to play! But for now, I will just have to settle for my beautiful tulips and daydream about the day that spring will finally arrive!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

sNOw Fun.

We got a fresh dusting of snow over the last week so we tried to take advantage of it and bring Kara out to play in it. We spent all that money on getting her snow pants and boots a few months ago, and she has literally wore them once, and the boots barely fit her anymore! Kara was really excited to get all her snow gear on and seemed pretty excited to play in the snow, but once we got outside it was a whole different story.

Not the greatest picture, but here is Kara all bundled up!

Kara pretty much just stood in the driveway and wanted Joe or I to hold her. I did get her to stick out her tongue and try to catch some snowflakes on it, and I got this cute picture.

I also managed to get a picture of Kara trying to do her cheese face..

You would think that since I have lived in Minnesota practically my entire life that I would own a pair of snow boots and snow pants, but I don't.. so Joe got all his gear on and tried to play in the snow with Kara, we got one cute picture....

And then Joe decided to fall back in the snow with her.... as you can see from the picture, she didn't like this very much!

Hopefully next winter Kara will enjoy the snow a bit more. I think we will need to get her a sled to try out! I cannot WAIT for spring to come so that we can bring Kara outside and let her run free!! This winter is really dragging on...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cracked Under Pressure.

I think this calls for another glass of wine...

Due to peer pressure I have registered for the Get in Gear 5K happening on April 24th, 2010. Please pray for me! Oh, and did I mention I had to PAY to run this race? Not only am I running a 5K, but it is costing me money.... damn you Carly!!

My plan of action is to follow this program, and hope that I am prepared by April 24th. Did I also mention that I will no longer be 26 years old by then?

This also calls for some sweet new t-shirts to be made, any suggestions for team names? As soon as I get working on t-shirts I can post my how to instructions for silk screening.

The 30 Day Shred: Day 30!!

Woohoooo!!!! I made it all the way to day 30! It definitely got easier as the days passed, and I could tell a difference in my endurance. I will keep up with this program since it is such a great total body workout and I need some serious toning. I love that the dvd covers strength, cardio and abs all in 25 minutes!

Overall Results:
I lost about 7 pounds during my 30 day shred. I am sure the weight loss would have been better if I ate healthier. Apparently pizza, hot dogs, nachos and beer aren't good choices when you are trying to lose weight... who knew?? I can tell a difference in all my muscles - I am noticing muscles that I said goodbye to 10 years ago and wasn't sure if I would ever see them again. I can really tell where I have lost inches and started toning up more, I wish I would have taken my measurements at the very beginning.. but oh well. Oh, and the MOST IMPORTANT thing..... I bought a smaller size in jeans, and all my current pants are getting big on me!!!

After I did my 30th workout yesterday, I went to the gym. I did about 40 minutes on the elliptical and another 15-20 on the treadmill and I even jogged for about 5 minutes. I mentioned this jogging to my friend Carly, and now she wants me to run a 5K with her in April!! So, I am looking at the Couch to 5K running program, which is 11 weeks long, and the 5K run is in 10.5 weeks.... haha, so who knows, I may be doing a 5K in 10.5 weeks. All I have to say, is if I do run the 5K I dang well better run it faster than Carly!! :)

So, Stay tuned for updates on my Couch to 5K progress.....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recipe: Jalapeno Dip

1 can diced green chilies
1 brick cream cheese
sliced jalapenos
colby jack cheese
Wheat Thins for dipping

  • Place cream cheese in microwaveable bowl.
  • Pour can of diced green chilies over cream cheese - do not drain the chilies
  • Chop some jalapenos - use as much, or as little as you like, pour these over the cream cheese
  • Pour some jalapeno juice into bowl - I would guess I typically use 1-2 tablespoons of jalapeno juice

  • Sprinkle a handful of colby jack cheese over the mixture in bowl

  • Microwave for about 3 minutes, stirring every 45 seconds. Adjust time as needed until cream cheese is fully melted and everything is mixed together well.

  • Grab some Wheat Thins for dipping and enjoy!

Recipe: Crack Corn

This is a recipe that I got from my mom, who I believe got from her friend. I made it to bring to work one day and that is where it got the name Crack Corn, cause once you start eating it you can't stop!

2 bags of microwaveable butter popcorn (do not use extra butter popcorn)
3 bricks of almond bark

  • Pop both bags of popcorn, dump one bag of popcorn into large mixing bowl. Set the other bag aside.
  • Melt the almond bark in the microwave. I usually start with a minute and a half, then stir. Then continue microwaving at 30 second intervals and stirring in between until the almond bark is fully melted. Note... never put any liquid in almond bark, not even food coloring, this causes it to separate and then you won't be able to use it.
  • Once the almond bark is melted pour half of it over the bag of popcorn you placed in the bowl and mix well.

  • Now dump your second bag of popcorn into the large mixing bowl, add the remaining almond bark and stir well. Another method that works well - if you have a large bowl that has a lid you can shake it all up rather than stirring it.
  • Let the almond bark cool over the popcorn and Enjoy!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The 30 Day Shred. Day 26.

Day 26 is D-O-N-E!! I managed to get out of bed this morning and Shred before coming to work, which means I don't have to do it tonight.. woohoo! Today was day #5 of Level 3 and I am still enjoying it. I am thinking of going back to level 2 and trying it again to see if I can handle it any better.

Last night I joined Gold's Gym. It is close enough to my house that I could walk there if I wanted to. They had a deal for $20.10/month membership, and I get reimbursed through my health insurance $20.00/month as long as I go 8 times. I would have loved to have picked this option but there was a $319 enrollment fee, and we all know that I don't have $319 laying around. So instead I went with the $39.95/month, no enrollment fee, but $69 processing fee... they always get you on something! I really, really wish I could have went with the $20.10/month since they will never raise your monthly fee from what it was when you enrolled, but oh well. They have childcare, a cardio theater where its like a movie theater and they play a movie on the big screen and have cardio equipment.. so you can watch a movie while you work out, they have a TON of classes that are included with membership, a separate women's area with weights, a pool, a basketball court, and I get a couple consultations with a personal trainer!! Woohoo, I am really hoping they can show me lots of stuff to get me motivated... I am really excited about joining this gym, now I just need to figure out a schedule so I can make time to get there and make it count.

Stay tuned for more information about my 'ShredThis' silk screen T-shirt project!!

A side note.... tonight we are having girls night at my moms friends house. There will be wine, appetizers and JustDance for the Wii.... pretty excited for the wine, appetizers and the dance!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 30 Day Shred. Day 25...

Today will be day 25!! Holy amazingness! Somehow my phone alarm was turned off last night, so I didn't get out of bed in time to workout this morning, so I guess I will need to squeeze a workout in tonight.

I moved up to level 3 on Sunday, which would have been day 21. I cannot tell you how much more I enjoy level 3 than I did level 2! Don't get me wrong, its no walk in the park, but I can actually get through it. It is a serious workout for your core - big time! Level 3 consists of Supermans, scissor crunches, jumping lunges, sumo squat hops, and traveling pushups...just to name a few of the fabulous things it has to offer. I really think the traveling pushups are one of my favorite parts of level 3, and yes, I am serious.

Results: Kinda frustrating, but still at about 5-6 pounds of weight loss. I really think I am seeing inches drop faster than pounds, but I would like the pounds to be dropping too! I can tell where I am gaining muscle, but I still have a long way to go!

Only 6 workouts left(since I still have to get #25 in today).... After my 30 days are up I will definitely be continuing with this dvd. It combines strength, cardio and abs into a 25 minute workout, and we all know I won't be "Shredded" after just 30 days... I am also going to check out Gold's Gym tonight and might get a membership there. I currently have a membership at the U's Rec Center, but really going there and 'Sweating to the Oldies' as we call it for 20 minutes just ain't gonna do it for me!

My Fellow Shredders:
Carly - Day 27!!
Amy - Day 14!!
Kim - Day 11!!
Michelle and Dre - Day 7!!
Karen - Day 2!!
Mom?? did you jump on the bandwagon?
Also, a few other peeps on FB that have said they have started it after seeing all of my updates!

Good luck everyone!! Keep on Shredding!

18 Months!

On February 1st Kara turned 18 months old. It is really hard to believe that in another 6 months I will have a 2 year old!!

We finally went out and bought her a potty chair, she still hasn't used it, but I don't think it will be long! There have been a couple of times where she has ran over to the bathroom door while saying "potty" and trying to pull down her pants. So far she thinks the potty chair makes a really cool hat, or is an awesome new hiding spot for her toys... we will need to break these habits once she starts actually using it as a potty chair!

Kara is still a wonderful mommy to her baby dolls. There is one in particular that she loves the most right now. She carries her baby around with her EVERYWHERE! Lately she likes to pretend to change its diaper, or have it swaddled up in a blanky.

Her current favorite books are:
The Night Before Christmas
an Elmo coloring book(and yes, she does expect you to read it to her even though there are no words)
A New Parent Magazine(it has lots of pictures of babys in it, so she calls it the baby book)

Her favorite songs are:
Elmo's Song(when Kara sings it it sounds like she is saying Elmo's sock... close enough)
Happy Birthday(Kara will request who we sing happy birthday to by saying "Happy baby", or "Happy Kara" or "Happy Auntie Chelle"

We typically sing these songs over and over anytime we are in the car!

I will work on getting some more recent pictures of Kara added to the blog. Lately whenever we take out the camera Kara says "I see", so she just wants to look at the pictures on the camera and gets pissed whenever we try to take a picture of her. I will have to be very sneaky... or maybe its time for another photo shoot with Auntie Em :)