Thursday, February 4, 2010

The 30 Day Shred. Day 25...

Today will be day 25!! Holy amazingness! Somehow my phone alarm was turned off last night, so I didn't get out of bed in time to workout this morning, so I guess I will need to squeeze a workout in tonight.

I moved up to level 3 on Sunday, which would have been day 21. I cannot tell you how much more I enjoy level 3 than I did level 2! Don't get me wrong, its no walk in the park, but I can actually get through it. It is a serious workout for your core - big time! Level 3 consists of Supermans, scissor crunches, jumping lunges, sumo squat hops, and traveling pushups...just to name a few of the fabulous things it has to offer. I really think the traveling pushups are one of my favorite parts of level 3, and yes, I am serious.

Results: Kinda frustrating, but still at about 5-6 pounds of weight loss. I really think I am seeing inches drop faster than pounds, but I would like the pounds to be dropping too! I can tell where I am gaining muscle, but I still have a long way to go!

Only 6 workouts left(since I still have to get #25 in today).... After my 30 days are up I will definitely be continuing with this dvd. It combines strength, cardio and abs into a 25 minute workout, and we all know I won't be "Shredded" after just 30 days... I am also going to check out Gold's Gym tonight and might get a membership there. I currently have a membership at the U's Rec Center, but really going there and 'Sweating to the Oldies' as we call it for 20 minutes just ain't gonna do it for me!

My Fellow Shredders:
Carly - Day 27!!
Amy - Day 14!!
Kim - Day 11!!
Michelle and Dre - Day 7!!
Karen - Day 2!!
Mom?? did you jump on the bandwagon?
Also, a few other peeps on FB that have said they have started it after seeing all of my updates!

Good luck everyone!! Keep on Shredding!


  1. I started back with my total gym. It doesn't yell at me and I had great results when I did it before your wedding. I'm on about day 5 now. Once I got past day 1 (starting) I've been fine and really like it. I put my Zune on and play music in my head. I'm truly afraid of Jillian but feel good about starting up again. You did motivate me to do that.

  2. Well maybe once you do the total gym for awhile you won't be so afraid of Jillian.