Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recipe: Crack Corn

This is a recipe that I got from my mom, who I believe got from her friend. I made it to bring to work one day and that is where it got the name Crack Corn, cause once you start eating it you can't stop!

2 bags of microwaveable butter popcorn (do not use extra butter popcorn)
3 bricks of almond bark

  • Pop both bags of popcorn, dump one bag of popcorn into large mixing bowl. Set the other bag aside.
  • Melt the almond bark in the microwave. I usually start with a minute and a half, then stir. Then continue microwaving at 30 second intervals and stirring in between until the almond bark is fully melted. Note... never put any liquid in almond bark, not even food coloring, this causes it to separate and then you won't be able to use it.
  • Once the almond bark is melted pour half of it over the bag of popcorn you placed in the bowl and mix well.

  • Now dump your second bag of popcorn into the large mixing bowl, add the remaining almond bark and stir well. Another method that works well - if you have a large bowl that has a lid you can shake it all up rather than stirring it.
  • Let the almond bark cool over the popcorn and Enjoy!!

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  1. You can thank Trudy Suter for this recipe. She shared it with me and it's a favorite for sure.