Thursday, February 11, 2010

sNOw Fun.

We got a fresh dusting of snow over the last week so we tried to take advantage of it and bring Kara out to play in it. We spent all that money on getting her snow pants and boots a few months ago, and she has literally wore them once, and the boots barely fit her anymore! Kara was really excited to get all her snow gear on and seemed pretty excited to play in the snow, but once we got outside it was a whole different story.

Not the greatest picture, but here is Kara all bundled up!

Kara pretty much just stood in the driveway and wanted Joe or I to hold her. I did get her to stick out her tongue and try to catch some snowflakes on it, and I got this cute picture.

I also managed to get a picture of Kara trying to do her cheese face..

You would think that since I have lived in Minnesota practically my entire life that I would own a pair of snow boots and snow pants, but I don't.. so Joe got all his gear on and tried to play in the snow with Kara, we got one cute picture....

And then Joe decided to fall back in the snow with her.... as you can see from the picture, she didn't like this very much!

Hopefully next winter Kara will enjoy the snow a bit more. I think we will need to get her a sled to try out! I cannot WAIT for spring to come so that we can bring Kara outside and let her run free!! This winter is really dragging on...

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