Thursday, June 25, 2009

April 8th 2009 - My 26th Birthday!

Today is the day that I turn 26!
For birthday dinner we went out The Happy Gnome, where you can never go wrong! They change their dinner menu seasonally, and always have great options - along with an endless supply or beer! Then for dessert.. they offer a selection of flavors of Izzy's Ice Cream I would recommend the Salted Caramel - its delish!
We had a lovely dinner, here are a few snapshots, they are mostly of my adorable daughter.. surprise, surprise!

April 7th 2009 - Sleepy baby

I shot this picture of Kara through the rear window of my car. She was just too cute, passed out in her car seat with Anne Francisca, I couldn't resist!

April 1st, 2009 - 8 Months Old!!

New things Kara can do at 8 months old

Wave bye-bye
Give kisses
Clap hands

On April 5th, Kara's second tooth came through!

Kara only sometimes give us kisses when we ask, but she always kisses her dolls and stuffed animals when we ask her to give them kisses!

Everytime we take out the camera Kara stops and smiles for us! She is such a little cheese!

March 2009

These are just a few of my favorite random pictures from the month of March.

Kara playing with her sock that she pulled off of her foot, this is one of her favorite things to do!

My little cutie pie with her cute shirt and shoes


And even cuter!!

March 17th 2009 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

These are some pics that Daddy shot of Kara wearing her adorable St. Patty's Day dress from Karen and Mason!

Monday, June 15, 2009

March 6th 2009 - Julie and Leonard's Baby Shower

Some favorite pics from Julie and Leonard's baby shower. A picture of the lovely pregnant lady, Kara and Mia having girl talk, The family(yes, Kara was trying to eat her shoe), Kara making a funny face while eating peas and a picture of me and my baby girl!

March 2nd, 2009 - Welcome Jayla Kristine

The day after Kara turned 7 months old my sister gave birth to Jayla Kristine. She was born on 3-2-09 at 11:20 am. She weighed 7 lbs 9oz and was 19.75 inches long. I got the joy of being there when Jayla was born, I was such a happy Auntie! Jayla is the sweetest little peanut, she may come off as a little needy, or fussy, but really when she has to compete against Jayden and Kara for attention can you blame her? Jayden is such a great big brother, he is constantly giving Jayla kisses! And Jayla has the most beautiful blue eyes, ever! The last picture wasn't really taken on March 2nd, 2009.. I just had to show off her eyes!

A Look Back in Time

Well, it appears that no one has updated my blog for over 3 months, how is that even possible? It feel like it was just yesterday that my baby girl was 7 months old, not 10 months old. My sista friend was still pregnant, can you even imagine a time now without little baby Jayla? I was only 25, and Joe only 26. Kara had never been on a boat, only had 1 tooth, couldn't say uh-oh.. heck she couldn't even crawl yet!! Wow.. its crazy how fast the time flies by! It's hard to imagine that in only 46 short days(I only know this from my birthday countdown on igoogle) my baby will turn one!! Now that is really REALLY hard to believe! Its amazing how quickly she has grown from a baby to a little girl!

I am going to go back through some pictures over the last few months and do some 'make up' posts to make up for the last 3 months that I somehow just missed!