Monday, June 15, 2009

A Look Back in Time

Well, it appears that no one has updated my blog for over 3 months, how is that even possible? It feel like it was just yesterday that my baby girl was 7 months old, not 10 months old. My sista friend was still pregnant, can you even imagine a time now without little baby Jayla? I was only 25, and Joe only 26. Kara had never been on a boat, only had 1 tooth, couldn't say uh-oh.. heck she couldn't even crawl yet!! Wow.. its crazy how fast the time flies by! It's hard to imagine that in only 46 short days(I only know this from my birthday countdown on igoogle) my baby will turn one!! Now that is really REALLY hard to believe! Its amazing how quickly she has grown from a baby to a little girl!

I am going to go back through some pictures over the last few months and do some 'make up' posts to make up for the last 3 months that I somehow just missed!

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