Sunday, March 1, 2009

7 Months!

I cannot believe my baby girl is 7 months old today!! This morning I found signs of her first tooth! You can just barely see it, but you can definitely feel it, that sucka is SHARP!

Within the last week or so she has started saying "Dadadada" and "Bababababa" still no "Mamamama" but she is saving the best for last.. right?

She eats 3 jars of food a day on top of her bottles. She loves drinking apple juice out of her sippy cup, and has become a pro at eating her Gerber Puffs, she can pick them up and get them into her mouth like nothing!

She had her first ear infection a few weeks ago, it was a VERY rough few days for all of us, but we all survived!

She is still such a good baby!! She has been so easy, happy and smiley.. we love it!!

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