Friday, February 5, 2010

The 30 Day Shred. Day 26.

Day 26 is D-O-N-E!! I managed to get out of bed this morning and Shred before coming to work, which means I don't have to do it tonight.. woohoo! Today was day #5 of Level 3 and I am still enjoying it. I am thinking of going back to level 2 and trying it again to see if I can handle it any better.

Last night I joined Gold's Gym. It is close enough to my house that I could walk there if I wanted to. They had a deal for $20.10/month membership, and I get reimbursed through my health insurance $20.00/month as long as I go 8 times. I would have loved to have picked this option but there was a $319 enrollment fee, and we all know that I don't have $319 laying around. So instead I went with the $39.95/month, no enrollment fee, but $69 processing fee... they always get you on something! I really, really wish I could have went with the $20.10/month since they will never raise your monthly fee from what it was when you enrolled, but oh well. They have childcare, a cardio theater where its like a movie theater and they play a movie on the big screen and have cardio equipment.. so you can watch a movie while you work out, they have a TON of classes that are included with membership, a separate women's area with weights, a pool, a basketball court, and I get a couple consultations with a personal trainer!! Woohoo, I am really hoping they can show me lots of stuff to get me motivated... I am really excited about joining this gym, now I just need to figure out a schedule so I can make time to get there and make it count.

Stay tuned for more information about my 'ShredThis' silk screen T-shirt project!!

A side note.... tonight we are having girls night at my moms friends house. There will be wine, appetizers and JustDance for the Wii.... pretty excited for the wine, appetizers and the dance!

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