Monday, December 28, 2009

September 2009

5 Year Anniversary
This was actually on August 28th, but I am too lazy to make a separate post... This is a collage of pictures from our 5 year wedding anniversary! Joe and I celebrated by going downtown for the night. We had an awesome dinner, went out for drinks with friends and had our first night alone without Kara since she was born. We had a great time and Grandma Julie got to have a slumber party with Kara!

Woodbury Days!
Here are some pics from the Woodbury Days parade. This parade is always awesome, it is over an hour and a half long, but its always really fun! And it starts about a block away from our house, so that makes it even better!!

MN State Fair 2009...
You can always count on the state fair for a lovely assortment of nutritious and delicious foods, such as....
Chocolate covered bacon, cheese curds, pizza, blooming onion, french fries, nut roll, mini donuts, cookies and popcorn chicken.

During our walks from one food stand to the next we also manged to see POS perform on The Current stage, Kara enjoyed some chocolate chip cookies, and Jayla had her first taste of pizza... so many memories!

30/20 Birthday Party

My mom celebrated her 50th!! birthday this year! My Sistafriend and I decided to get some sweet revenge and we turned a snuggie into a jump snug for her, it was probably the best idea we ever had!

We even made an infomercial...


  1. I'm just reading this and laughing. Did you intentionally place that cute, kinda sexy picture of you in the jump snug directly under me in it while wearing granny panties? UNFAIR!

  2. nope, Picasa did it, I am sure they did it intentionally though!