Friday, March 18, 2011

2 posts in one day, what!?

Good evening, I am back with yet another blog post today.  The previous post really should have been posted 2.5 months ago, so it's not like I am really blogging twice in one day... kinda.. right?

My dad came down from Bemidji for a little visit a few weeks ago.  Kara was so cute when he got to our house, she went running up the stairs saying "Grandpa Wayne is here!!"  Kara generally takes awhile to warm up to everyone, so that was really cute to see.  While Grandma Wayne was here him, Jayla and Kara started a family band.. they have some pretty rocking songs!

Jayden didn't want to be in the band, but he did want to be a robot!

On Saturday, March 12th we had a surprise 50th birthday party for Becky, it was lots of fun!  We got to see some old friends, and some family members who live out of state/out of the Twin Cities area.  I think everyone had a really good time!  The day before the party I asked Kara what she wanted to get for Grandma Becky and she said "a hula-hoop" so off to Wal-Mart we went, and we actually found a hula-hoop.  I am pretty sure that Becky loves it!  I am having some serious issues getting pictures to upload to my blog, so checkout my facebook page for all the pics from Becky's party! 

Here is Becky and I at her party:

And Kara and Becky while Becky's siblings were singing her an original song about being 50.  I loved watching Kara while she was watching them sing, it was so cute!  

I taught everyone about 'Tranny Arms'.... Michelle and I were doing this one night and Joe meant to say "T-Rex arms", but it came out "Tranny Arms", so yeah, this is us doing Tranny Arms

Onto other things.  I am running the Team Ortho Get Lucky 7k tomorrow, which is 4.35 miles.  I have done absolutely nothing to prepare myself for this race, so yesterday I decided to go for a run.  I ran around Colby Lake in Woodbury twice, which totaled 4.55 miles - the longest distance I have ever run!!  See my running results here via Runkeeper. My total time was about 57 minutes, but I did stop at my car for a water break after my first trip around the lake.  After my second trip around the lake I decided to stay on the path that goes straight to the parking (there is a split in the trail where it either goes straight to the parking lot, or around the playground - the first time I took the way that went around the playground).... I wish I would have taken the other way!  I ended up going through this mega flooded path, basically a small lake in the road.  I tried walking through the snow, but the snow was just slush with a ton of water under it, my shoes were SOAKED!  So today my shoes got a bath and are all sparkling clean and ready for the 7k tomorrow!  

I will be sure to post a full race recap tomorrow, or Sunday.  I ate a Dove chocolate a few weeks ago, and this is what the message on the inside read:

I think this is trying to tell me that I should just run the 7k and have no time expectations.  Although, the way I see it I will be setting a personal best time record since I have never raced in a 7k before.  

And this is my race number, it's almost evil.....

Wish us luck tomorrow!!  It will be our usual running crew of me, Emily, Carly and Kathy!  I hope we kick this thing's ass!  Oh, and we get a free beer after!!

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