Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Results Are In!

I survived my 8 week strength training program and the final results are in! The fact that I am getting pretty close to my goal weight and the pounds are coming off slower and slower, I am very happy with these results!

Starting Weight: 175.3
Ending Weight: 168.1
Total Loss: 7.2 pounds

Starting Body Fat %: 28.6%
Ending Body Fat %: 25.1%
Total Loss: 3.5%

Starting Fat Mass: 50.1 pounds
Ending Fat Mass: 42.1 pounds
Total Loss: 8 pounds

Starting Fat Free Mass: 125.2 pounds
Ending Fat Free Mass: 125.9 pounds
Total Gain: 0.7 pounds (this one it's good to have a gain)

Strength Results:

Starting Pushups: 25
Ending Pushups: 35

Starting Curlup: 15
Ending Curlup: 25

Starting Chest Press: 117# (one time max)
Ending Chest Press: 124# (one time max)

Starting Leg Press: 350# (one time max)
Ending Leg Press: 404# (I maxed out the weight on the machine, so rather than a 1x max, the trainer had me do as many reps as I could at the max weight - I did 6 reps!)

Starting Flexibility: 27cm
Ending Flexability: 31.5cm

I'm pretty much in the 90th percentile for females of my age for all the strength results - pretty excited about that!  For body fat % I am in the 'moderately lean' category, which is defined as: Fat level is generally acceptable for good health - next goal is to drop another 3.1% body fat and I will be in the 'lean' category!!  Doesn't that sound pretty excellent?

Now to keep moving in the right direction....I'm running the Turkey Day 5k on Thanksgiving and thanks to some pretty amazing/inspiring friends of mine I am going to register for my first half marathon on 3/16/13. AHHH!!!  The furthest I have EVER ran before was 4.3 miles, so I have a long way to go to get to 13.1 miles.  Luckily I have 122 days to prepare myself.  I plan on following the Hal Higdon Novice Half-Marathon training plan.  A typical week on this training plan includes 3-4 days of running, 1-2 days of cross training, 1-2 day of strength and stretching and 1 rest day... so that should keep me pretty busy for the next 12 weeks!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! To all of my crazy friends who have inspired me, motivated me, pressured me, etc... I couldn't keep going without you guys!


  1. I don't know if I told you this charming story about myself, but the crack about "have a beer and register NOW" was true. I registered for the Minneapolis Half Marathon in January of 2011, when I could barely even run one mile. Got drunkish and decided "RUNNING A HALF MARATHON WOULD BE AWESOME I SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT" and then... I did it. That was mid-January 2011, and I ran the half at the beginning of June. So, only about 5 1/2 months to prepare, which is just BARELY more time than you've got for Get Lucky, and you're in WAY better shape than I was when I signed up at first.

    Don't panic, you got this.

  2. Thanks Fiona! Look how far you've cone since that drunken decision! There must a thing about drinking and deciding that starting to run is a good idea, I registered for my first 5k after several large glasses of wine!

  3. You're doing fantastic! Stick with Hal and he will lead you to the promised land. :-)