Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

Hey - guess what.. it's my 27th birthday!  Here is my day in pictures...

I came into work to see my cube had been completely covered in decorations... it was difficult to find my way into my cube, and then difficult to try to find a place to get any work done...

My cube-mate Kimmy bought me a lovely princess crown, and a giant Baby Ruth, I felt pretty special!

I got to celebrate with Petey P Cup, Pokey Syringe and Staci's favorite green tape dispenser... and yes, that is a video of Alan Thicke performing Sweaty and Hot on the monitor on the left in the background.  You can check out the amazing video here

I pretended like I was Marilyn Monroe, and also poked myself in my eye while wearing this wig... 

We were planning on going to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, but ended up getting Yang's sesame chicken #3!

My Sista and Dre bought me a 22 oz. Blue Moon

And then we had some delicious Tiramisu for dessert

Joe made a 'K' out of candles for me

Birthday Freebies:  Large milk chocolate mocha from caribou, free lunch from Noodles and Co, and a free blu-ray from Disney!  I was also supposed to have a free burger from Ruby Tuesdays, but I still have a week or so to redeem that...

It was a great day, and a great start to what will be the most amazing year ever!

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