Thursday, July 22, 2010

June catch-up

Apparently I was too busy living my life in June(and so far most of July) to update my blog.  So, what happened in June?  Joe had a birthday - he is an old man!  We had a bbq at our place with friends, and friends babies - it was lots of fun.  I honestly can't remember the rest of June, except we took a week long vacation to Northern Minnesota.  Joe's cousin Matt was getting married, so we went up for the wedding and then stayed at my grandma's house/a cabin for the week.  It was lots of fun - here are some pics!

Less than half way through our drive we got a flat tire on the boat trailer - luckily it was still light outside and some very, very nice people stopped with lots of tools to help us put the spare on!

A pic of our lovely family at the wedding!

The only fish that any of us caught all week.

There was lots of time spent sitting around the campfire!

and lots of time spent napping!

Kara got to drive the pontoon.

and she went swimming almost every single day..

she warmed up to Meghan...

and even Molly!

this was probably the funniest thing that happened all week.. I can't even explain it to you, ya just had to be there!

We went to a lake that was on an island in the middle of another lake.. it was pretty cool!

and Emily and I went for a run in the rain! 

Alright, that is all I have for June... now onto July...

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