Thursday, July 22, 2010


Oh man, it is July 22nd and I am making my first post for the whole month.  I really need to get better at updating my blog!  I know there are so many things I have wanted to blog about, but I have no idea what they were anymore...

Let's start with talking about me.  On my birthday(April 8th) I declared that this was going to be the greatest year ever.  So far, I was totally right.. you will see why throughout my post.  Let's start with concerts in the month of July.

July 3rd - The Hold Steady @ The Caboose outdoor plaza - I won tix on the radio.

July 15th - Josh Ritter @ Orchestra Hall playing w/ the MN Orchestra - I got on the guest list through twitter - it was rather bizarre how it all happened, but it was legit!  It was a great show - how often do you get to see someone like Josh Ritter(assuming you know Josh Ritter) play with a full orchestra - it was definitely a unique experience that I loved!  video below...

July 26th - Gaslight Anthem w/Tim Barry @ First Ave - won tix from the radio.  Pretty excited about this concert!

July 31st - Lowertown Music Fest - Mason Jennings - Cloud Cult - Peter Wolf Crier - Tapes and Tapes, and the list goes on and on.  Mostly local music, but it is all local music that I love - oh and hey - guess what... I won tix to it!!!!!!! 

Seriously, 4 free concerts this month, seriously?  Yes, seriously!

Last night I completed my second 5K!!  This is something that I NEVER saw myself doing, like ever.  It was so stinking hot last night that it just sucked, but my 2 friends and I managed to run the whole first mile straight!  I have never, ever ran a whole mile in my life until earlier this month.. I have now done it 3 times.  After the first mile of the 5k we took a little walk break and it is so hard to get back into your running groove once you stop, especially when it is ridiculously hot outside.  We came in about 45 seconds longer than it took me to run my first 5k, but I am not unhappy with my time at all.  I was actually pretty impressed that I came so close to my first time considering how miserably hot it was outside.  Seriously, I am just so proud of myself, and everyone who ran with me.. running is not an easy thing to do, and I am just amazed that I have no completed 2 5Ks!

Here are Emily and I before the race - and no, we did not coordinate our outfits - we are just that cool that we both happened to wear gray tank tops and black capris. 

Carly, Emily and I after the race

Oh, did I mention there was free beer after the run!?

Alright, enough about me... Kara is turning two very, very soon!  Anytime we ask her how old she is going to be she says "six" so, I guess she is two going on six.  Every once in awhile we will get her to actually say she is going to be two and she will hold up two fingers, it's pretty cute!  She has been asking for an Abby Cadabby bike helmet for a couple of months, and I have been searching for one.  I finally found one on the other day and ordered it right away.  It came in the mail today and I can't wait to give it to her on her birthday.. here is a picture of it:

Kara also decided to have an Abby Cadabby themed birthday party - it should be lots of fun!  

My grandma gave me a bag of 3T -4T clothes that she had at her house a couple of weeks ago.  Kara started digging through them and came across this Twins t-shirt, picked it up and said "my baseball shirt".  I have no idea how she knew it was a baseball shirt, but she has become completely obsessed with it, and she looks absolutely adorable wearing it! 

Kara has become such a little girl.  I cannot believe how well she talks and makes complete sentences.  She is constantly making Joe and I laugh with the things she says. 

Random thought.. I was just looking through pictures and realized I had totally forgotten about our 4th of July BBQ(which I don't have any decent pictures from) our trip to Underwater Adventures.. Kara had a blast!!  We went with Julia, Leonard and Evan and it was a lot of fun!

And, we went to the zoo... 

and, Kara got her first car from Grandma and Grandpa!

Wow!  I cannot believe that I have forgotten about everything that has happened in July.  I am going to be better about blogging more often.. I swear.. I better go to bed now, I can't see straight... thanks for reading :) 

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