Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kara turns 2!!

On August 1st my sweet baby girl turned 2!  I guess I can't really call her my baby anymore, she is such a big girl now!  It seems impossible that Kara is 2 already, she definitely acts like a 2 year old, but it still just seems impossible that she is really 2!  She is such a little joy - even when she is miserable :)

As a surprise to her for her 2nd birthday we turned her crib into a big girl bed and got her all new bedding - she absolutely loves her big girl bed!  She mostly just loves to jump on it, but she has been going to sleep in it fairly well so far.  It hasn't been quite a week since we switched her to a big girl bed, so it is still pretty new to her.  I am amazed that we haven't had to fight with her too much to get her to stay in bed.

The morning of Kara's birthday Mommy and Daddy gave her some presents.  She was so excited about opening her birthday presents, and having a birthday  - you could tell that she felt special!  She was singing happy birthday all day long and anytime you ask her how old she is she says "six" then gets a silly smile on her face and says "two"

She was so excited about her Abby Cadabby helmet - and I was so excited that I was actually able to find one for her!!  She is going to be my little safety freak!  Sometimes when she is playing we catch her saying "be safe" or "be careful".. she is just too cute!

After Kara had her new helmet on, the first thing she said was "I go ride my bike".. so of course we all went out in our PJ's so Kara could ride her bike.

After our morning birthday celebration we headed to Auntie Emily's house for a little photo shoot.  Of course my sweet little 2 year old acted like a complete monster and didn't want her picture taken, but what can you do?  I have faith that Emily got some great pictures anyway.. those should be posted here shortly! 

After our photo shoot we went to Grandma Becky and Grandpa Jerry's house and had a little birthday dinner for Kara!  She once again loved being the center of attention, tried eating the frosting off all the cupcakes, wouldn't let Jayla touch ANY toys, and loved opening all of her presents.

Kara loved this little puppy that Auntie Emily gave her - it came in a little carrying bag and has 'medical supplies' it also has 4 sensors that make different puppy noises when you touch them.  Kara is doing a very good job of taking care of her new puppy that she named Boom.  She sleeps with it every night and the puppy noises have woken me up a few times and scared the crap out of me.. I am not used to hearing a dog panting over the baby monitor! 

Kara also got this awesome new trike from Grandma and Grandpa - she is IN LOVE with this thing!!  She calls it her bicycle, and I am pretty sure she was crying for it in her sleep a couple of nights ago.  As soon as we get home from daycare she NEEDS to ride it, and of course she wears her new Abby helmet!  Today she learned how to push the pedals on it all by herself!! 

This coming Saturday we are having a birthday party with all of our family and friends - we are all pretty excited about it!  It is going to be an Abby Cadabby themed party!

Other notable 2 year old awesomeness!  I made Kara a potty chair chart a couple of months ago - I was a mean mommy and put 60 squares on it... every time she goes potty in the potty chair we give her a sticker on the calendar and we told her that when it was full she would get to go to the toy store and pick out a special present... and guess what!?  Today we put the last sticker on!!  Woohoo!!  I still don't think she is ready to be done with diapers, but we are getting closer!

Thanks for reading - and I hope to keep up with my blog a little more often :)

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