Thursday, August 19, 2010


I finally decided to face one of my biggest fears and I had my wisdom teeth pulled. My dentist has been recommending that I have it done immediately for 3 years now, so I finally did it.  I had them pulled on Tuesday, and have pretty much been living in my bed since then - Thank God for this old school laptop with internet access!  My schedule has pretty much been sleep - take pain meds - sleep - eat some boring foods - more pain meds - sleep and repeat. I have spent some time browsing the interwebs from bed though - and guess what..Etsy is sending me a happy tooth pillow, how cool is that?  The happy tooth pillow is thanks to my new found love of twitter, I am telling ya, there is some cool stuff/people on twitter. 

Other things:

Free music download from Urban Outfitters

This is Mr. Sad Tooth that Etsy posted on twitter

There is a woot-off going on, which always helps pass the time

If I had any extra tix for the Mumford and Sons show I would sell them to this guy

 Also - go to, click buy and then click on pounce.  I like to look at recently sold things.  You will find so many amazing things that you would have never even thought to search for on etsy!

My Menu:
KFC mashed potatoes and gravy
ice cream
scrambled eggs
toast with lots and lots of butter
and all that I really want is a big old bacon cheeseburger or slice of pizza!  It seems like everything I see on tv is about food, and I so badly just want some real food!

Kara has been super cute- she comes in the bedroom and asks if I am ok, and if my mouth is sore.  She has been pretty mellow around me, but she has also tried jumping on me quite a few times, and I am a little nervous about having my face to close to never know when she might try to headbutt me, or jump on me, or any other erratic behavior that you might expect from a 2 year old.

Alright, I think that is all for now.  Time for another nap.

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