Monday, September 19, 2011

The Naming Dilemma

Many, many moons before Joe and I had really even talked about having kids we decided on the names Kara and Cameron for our future children.  Yet, while I was pregnant with Kara we couldn't agree on a name and finally decided on her name a month before my due date.

FF to the present day.  Pregnant with baby girl #2 and our girl name has already been taken.  I always preferred Cameron for a girl though, so that has been a top contender for baby girl #2's name.  This whole pregnancy I have been trying to find different ways to spell Cameron so it's more feminine (I didn't want her to grow up and start a job and get emails addressed to Mr. Cameron)...there's Kameryn, Kamryn, Camryn, Cameryn...but I really couldn't fall in love with any of these spellings, and we couldn't find a middle name that we loved.

I LOVED the name Macy while I was pregnant with Kara, but Joe wasn't so fond of it.  I don't want to say that I have been harassing Joe with the name Macy over the past few months, but I have kind of been harassing him with the name Macy over the past few months.  I just love it so much.  If I saw other people were going to use that name for their baby, or just saw it online or written somewhere I got a little sad that I would never be able to name my child Macy.  I'm not sure what happened, but something changed in Joe and he was coming around to the name Macy.  Now that Joe was coming around to Macy, I was set on Cameron... afterall, we had had the names Kara and Cameron picked for years and years, and they just sounded perfect together, so it was hard to think of using any other name to go with Kara.

I am happy to announce that we no longer need to refer to baby girl #2 as baby girl #2, she has a name!!!  And it's......drumroll, please......

Macy Mae!!!

Yay!!  So glad that we have finally picked a name, and we can start calling her Macy instead of baby girl #2!!


  1. love it! I call Madelyn Maddy Mae all the time. I LOVE LOVE macy! Good pic. Can't wait to meet her soon enough!

  2. Thanks Erica! Maddy Mae is super cute too! I didn't realize that was her middle name.

  3. OK, so I realize now that Madelyn's middle name is not Mae, you just call her that! :)