Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh My Growing Belly! continued...

I have all these pictures on my phone that I never do anything with, so how bout a quick blog post! 

First is this collage that I already shared weeks 10 - 20...


And now weeks 25 - 31... 

As of Saturday, October 22nd I am 32 weeks pregnant!  How crazy is that?  Can't believe little Macy will be here in approximately 54 days!  Which also means that Christmas is in 62 days - are you ready??

One more pic... here is Macy from an ultrasound that my sister gave me last Friday.  She is getting so big!  Look at her cute lil profile!  <3 her

I have reached the point in my pregnancy where I CANNOT sleep. no. matter. what.  I'm not a fan of this, as I really enjoy sleeping.  The other day I had a new record of non-sleep - I slept a whole 3 hours and then was wide awake.  Really?  3 hours?  What person, pregnant or not, can function off 3 hours of sleep?  I'm also pretty much exhausted all day every day.  I try cleaning or organizing the house and after a few hours I am just too sore to do anything else.  I'm ready to get my non-pregnant body back.  I keep thinking I want to go exercise or go for a run or something, and then I walk a block, or up a flight of stairs and I am reminded why I haven't been exercising.. I am out of breath and tired instantly!  So yeah, I'm over this being pregnant thing!

Kara loves her baby sister and is ready for her to be born any day now.  She keeps saying things like "the baby told me she wants to come out and play now".  It's pretty cute, I hope Kara is this enthusiastic about her sister once she is actually born :)

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