Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Week 5: Getting Frustrated

I wish the results of all my hard work were reflected immediately on the scale and in the way my clothes fit me.  I have been busting my ass these last two weeks and the scale has barely moved.  I seem to be losing and then gaining the same 2-3 pounds over and over and over...ugh!  It's so much easier to keep motivated when you are seeing results, not so much when you get stuck and in a rut.

These past two weeks I have not gone over my daily calories, except for the day we had a brownie mountain for Jayla's birthday.  I have been doing the C25K running program, which is 3 workouts a week, today I finished week 3 day 2 of the program - this is the longest I have ever stuck with the program!  Unfortunately my shins and calves are killing me, which I blame 100% on my running shoes.  I am going to allow myself to invest in a good pair of running shoes - I plan on going to a running store nearby to get fitted for shoes in the near future, I'm hoping new shoes will help with my shin/calf pain.  Along with the C25K program I have also been doing 2-3 workout at home - all are by The Biggest Loser, I alternate between CardioMax, Power Sculpt and Last Chance Workout - yesterday I remembered how much I HATE the Last Chance Workout, it's serious business.  I'm hoping that one of these weeks my body will catch up to me and I'll have a big loss.

I will leave this post with a positive note.  I had to go buy smaller jeans today!! The jeans that I just bought 4 weeks ago, right before I went back to work, were falling off of me!!  So I guess even if I am not seeing the pounds fall off, I do know that I am losing inches!  Overall, I am done 11 pounds in 5 weeks and am very happy with that!  Here's to another week of exercise and eating healthy!

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