Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh, poop!

On my way home from work on Friday I got a text from Joe saying that Kara had pooped on the toilet and we were going to have a special dinner that night!!  Kara has been wearing underwear for a year and a half, but would not poop in the toilet.  At one point she was only pooping at daycare during naptime when she had a diaper on, once she wasn't wearing diapers at daycare anymore she would ask us for a diaper every time she had to go.  We have offered everything we could think of as a reward/incentive to get her to go on the toilet, but she didn't care, she wanted to poop in a diaper... so her pooping on the toilet was HUGE!!  After she pooped on the toilet Friday night Joe and I decided that we would not give her anymore diapers anymore, she would have to go on the toilet.  The rest of the weekend she didn't go.  Anytime she had to she would throw a royal fit and scream and yell for a diaper, but we didn't cave.  Finally on Monday she was pacing all over the house, we could very clearly tell that she HAD to go.  I told her she was either going to go in the toilet or she would have an accident.  She tried to convince us to put her in a diaper any way that she could think of, but she wasn't going to poop in the diaper.. yeah right!  Finally Joe brought her in the bathroom, set her on the toilet and she went!! WOOHOOO!!  We told her again that there were no more diapers and she would have to go on the toilet every time that she needed to go.   After she went she asked to get her camera from grandma and grandpa's house, this is a reward they have had waiting at their house for her for months!!  Joe and Kara drove out in the snow to get her camera, and she was so excited!  So today, Tuesday, she has gone poop on the toilet nine10 times, yes, you read that right...9 TIMES and now 10 TIMES and now we are up to 11 Times!!, and it's only 6:00 pm!!  haha, Joe said she needs to find a new hobby.  I am so proud of her, and so, so, so glad that we seem to be over the fear of pooping on the toilet!

On to me... Last week was pretty rough on my diet and exercise.  In the end I gained 2 pounds, but I am still down 6 overall... so that's a plus, and much better than what I was expecting.  I am working hard this week at counting calories and I started the Couch 2 5K program on Sunday, so I am hoping that will help motivate me to get to the gym at least 3 times a week.  The Couch 2 5K is a 9 week program, 3 workouts a week, in the end you are supposed to be able to run a full 5K.. wouldn't that be nice?  You can check out the program here.  There is also a nice free app for the android phone, you can listen to your own music and there is a beep every time you are supposed to switch from walking to running, it worked great for me on Sunday when I tried it out!  Hoping to get to the gym tonight for day 2!

I have also become rather obsessed with crocheting lately.  I learned how to crochet about 3.5 years ago, but I was taught wrong, so nothing ever turned out right for me.  I took some time to read my crochet book and look up stuff online and I think I finally have it figured out.  I am currently making infinity scarves.. I have made 8 so far, only 2 for me!  I also made super cute hats for the girls, a couple of headbands for Macy, a hat for Joe and a Valentine's hat for Macy.

Here are a few of the things I have made:

On to Macy, she is an eating machine!!  She eats 4 ounces just about every 2 hours on the dot!  She still sleeps through the night, which is awesome, so I guess she's just making up for all the ounces she isn't eating overnight.  She has found her hands and is constantly trying to get them into her mouth.  She has also starting reaching and grabbing for toys on her play mat.  I just love her!

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