Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Time...

Due to the fact that we have no daycare on Thursday and Friday this week, but Joe and I both have to work, my mom just came and picked up Kara to spend the night so she can watch her tomorrow.  Then tomorrow night my mom will be dropping Kara off with Grandma Becky so she can watch Kara on Friday.... sooooo... what do two lonely parents do when their toddler is gone for a few days??  How about absolutely nothing.

I was 100% planning on going to the gym tonight, but I ate a big dinner and drank a delicious beer and now I really have lost all motivation.  Since I am not going to the gym, I should really consider sewing since I have 2 projects that NEED to be completed this weekend... but no, I will do nothing.  Sit on my butt and drink some beer or wine and do nothing... and it will be wonderful!  :)

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