Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Thoughts

Only 26 days left until I run my first 5k!  Over the weekend I did 3 miles in 40 minutes at the gym, which equals 13.3 mins/mile.  But, if you take my warm up time and mileage out of there we are at 2.75 miles in 35 minutes which equals 12.7 mins/mile... not too shabby for a girl who doesn't run!  Recently I have been wanting some new running shoes... my current shoes are Kohl's $19.99 athletic shoe special... I figured it was time to upgrade.  I found these beautiful New Balance shoes from 6pm.com...
the list price is $125, I got them for $50!  Score!  I think they are last years model and that is why they are so cheap... but I have no problem paying $50 for some $125 shoes. And I am completely convinced that these shoes are going to make me a faster runner! :)

New Appliances... So we ordered new appliances on March 6th and they are FINALLY going to be delivered today! I can't wait to get rid of the nasty almond colored fridge and stove we have. By the end of the day we will have a beautiful brand new black frigde and stove!!  I will post some pics after these bad boys are installed in my kitchen... but here are the stock photos of what we are getting. 

Kara, Kara, Kara... Kara loves to count!  Currently this is how she counts...one - two - three - four - six - eight - ten - leven - twelve - thirteen.  I haven't told her yet that she is skipping five - seven and nine, apparently those numbers don't matter to her!  I love when she starts counting, it's just too cute! 

We are all excited about the awesome March weather we have been having!  They are saying 70-80 degrees tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!  And this has been a snow-free March, how great is that??  All I have to say is this weather better hold up until my birthday.... or else!  We have taken quite a few walks and trips to the park so far!  Can't wait to spend even more time outside with the little monster.  We are also getting really excited about Easter this year!  I think Kara will have a blast searching for her Easter eggs and devouring all of the treats inside!

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