Thursday, January 21, 2010

The 30 Day Shred. Day 12....

This morning I finished day 12 of the 30 day shred! I am still waking up at 4:30 am and getting my shred on before work, which still amazes me cause I HATE getting out of bed. Hooray for me!

A Look Back at Days 2-10... Every morning during the first circuit I would think to myself 'self, why are you doing this? It's horrible, you should be sleeping', but every day I knew that if I got through the first circuit that I would be able to keep moving on. Days 1-3 were definitely the hardest, my whole body hurt and I could barely walk up or down stairs. But even with all the pain I pushed myself each day to do the workout again. By day 4 the pain started to go away, but I was still feeling the burn and knew I was getting an awesome workout! So the first 10 days were dedicated to level 1, and even from day 1 I was able to get through the whole workout, with the exception of a few of the push ups... I hate push ups! By day 10 I was doing great on Level 1, so I guess its time to move onto Level 2....

Days 11 and 12... Day 11 was my first day of Level 2, it is not even funny how much more difficult level 2 is! Have you ever done a plank-jack? Well.. have you? I have! Imagine you are in a push-up position, and then you move your legs like you were doing a jumping jack, sounds fun, right? I think there are around 5 exercises in level 2 that involve the plank position, and each one sucks worse than the one before!! If you want to know what the 30 day shred is like, just google it... every review will tell you how much that person wanted to punch Jillian in the face, or cursed her out the entire workout, but that you will notice results! I am definitely developing a love/hate relationship with Jillian! During one of the cardio circuits Jillian says she wants you to 'gargle your heart'... there is your proof that she is crazy!! You know how most workout videos encourage you to take a break if you need to, or grab some water, Jillian does the opposite! She tells you if you are going to do a 20 minute workout and expect results then there are no breaks, push through it, blah, blah, blah... She has a point, but I still hate her every time she says it!

Today.. Day 2 of Level 2.. I still didn't make it through the full workout without a few breaks(shhh.. don't tell Jillian), hopefully day 3 I will be able to do even more of the moves. My shoulders feel like they are ready to fall off, which makes doing 90% of the moves that much more difficult!

Results: After 12 days I have lost 4.5 - 5.5 pounds, which is sweet since I was stuck in a rut and not losing anything anymore. I still wish I had taken my before measurements though, cause I can definitely feel where the inches are coming off!

So yes, I will continue on my 30 Day Shred challenge, and I will be shredded in 18 more days... bikini, here I come!

And in case you were wondering.. My friend Carly finished day 12 last night, Lisa is on day 2 today and Amy is doing her first day today!! Woohoo!! Anyone else care to jump on the Shred bandwagon??

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