Sunday, January 10, 2010


Trying to communicate with a 17 month old is not a simple task. Kara knows what she wants, and she wants it NOW! The only problem is that we can't always understand what she is saying. I think as a parent you learn to understand your childs 'language' quicker than anyone else. For instance Kara calls her blanket 'manket', and she calls raisins 'fraisins' and instead of saying yes. she says 'ses'. Joe and I understand most of what she says, but of course not everything. She has turned into our little chatterbox! In the last couple of months she has really started to put words together. Here are some of her favorite phrases:

"baby cry" as she says this she will rock, pat and shhh her baby, its too cute!

"Ready, Go!" is what Kara yells before jumping off of the couch or ottoman.

"Sorry Kitty"after she accidentally, or not so accidentally, runs into the cats.

"baby go night-night" or "daddy go night-night", "mommy go night-night", "papa go night-night", "aunty chelle go night-night", "Elmo go night-night".... you get the picture, Kara loves everything to go night-night!

And of course we hear "What's this" 100 million times a day!

Other notable Kara cuteness that I need to share with you...
Kara has recently become fascinated with her toes, and toe lint. As soon as you take her socks off she is looking for any treasures between her toes! But not only does she take toe lint out of her toes... she finds carpet fibers, pieces of cheerios, paper.. whatever scraps are on the floor and puts them in between her toes! What a weird-o!!

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