Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sesame Street Live January 14th, 2010

On January 14th my sister and I loaded up Jayden, Kara and Jayla into the backseat of the Mazda and headed for the Target Center. Fitting three kids in their car seats into the back of my car is not the easiest thing to do, but we managed, and we made it all the way without any fighting!! The next challenge was getting to the Target Center. Whenever we go anywhere downtown Joe always drives. This was one of my first times driving down their alone, and it just happened to be rush hour, which makes me even more nervous! We found the parking ramp and started walking... and kept walking.. and then some more walking! Once we got into the Target Center we had to race all around to find our tickets(they were will call), then we had to find our seats, then we had to figure out where the heck we were supposed to be for the meet and greet. Our cousin plays Abby Cadabby in this performance, so she hooked us up with some awesome tickets and a meet and greet(Thanks Becky!!) After asking 5 people about the meet and greet and racing around the Target Center 3 times we FINALLY found someone who knew what we were talking about and where we needed to be.

We got lead into the media room to wait for the meet and greet. There were probably only 10 other people there for the meet and greet, so that was really cool! After a couple of minutes of waiting we got to meet 5 characters, Kara was totally freaked out!! I think she was scared because they all came running into the room, and were all happy and excited and she didn't have a clue what was going on. She wouldn't even look at Abby Cadabby, who is her favorite! Jayden gave Abby a hug, and Jayla seemed to be cool with meeting the characters!

After the meet and greet we headed back to our seats(which means back up 3 escalators, down one flight of stairs all the way to the front row..we did lots of walking!!) We had front row seats, right off the front/side of the stage, which was awesome!! The show started and all the characters came running onto the stage and were singing and dancing, Kara was still a little frightened, I think she was worried they were all going to come say hi to her again. After the first song Kara really got into it. She was singing, dancing and saying hi to everyone around her! See video here http://
Jayden and Jayla seemed to have a really good time as well. Jayla was danging on Michelle's lap most of the time. Jayden had a blue snow cone, and how can you NOT have a good time when you get a blue snow cone!?

Thanks again to our cousin Becky who hooked us up with the awesome seats and the meet and greet!

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