Friday, May 21, 2010

And The Winner Is.....

... ME!   Thats right, I am at it again.  I won 2 sets of tickets this week.  The first set is for Dessa and No Bird Sing on Saturday night - they are two local hip-hop artists, and I think it will be a pretty cool show!

The second set of tickets I won(well, Kimmy really won them for me, but I made her do it!) is for an in studio performance that Mumford & Sons will be doing at The Current on Tuesday afternoon... which I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am about this!!  We have 2 tickets to their concert in Minneapolis on Tuesday night(which sold out in less than 2 hours), but I will get to see them twice in one day!!  I am so super excited it is not even funny!  If you haven't heard them you should really give them a listen.. I just love them!  Joe won't be able to go to the in studio performance with me, so I am bringing a friend from work who appreciates good music just as much as I do!  We are going to be like two teenage girls going to see Twilight for the first time..... p.s.  we both love Edward.

People always say I am so lucky, and I win everything... but really, you aren't ever going to win anything if you don't try.  And for the amount of stuff that I try to win, I really don't win that often.  But - I am so freaking pumped that I won these 2 sets of tickets!!

Expect lots of pictures next week :)

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