Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Tale of The Missing Blanky..

One day last week Kara's blanky mysteriously disappeared.  We tore apart the house looking for it, but never found it.  Last night I was sitting at the computer and Kara was playing in the computer room, she came and sat on my lap, a few minutes later I looked down and realized she was holding her blanky!  I was so excited, and I asked her where she found it, she said "blanky hiding"... haha, I still don't know where she found it!  The greatest part though was after we put her to bed.  Joe layed her down around 8 o'clock, and at 9 she was still making noise, so I went up to her room.  I got in her room and she says "Where blanky go?"... so I started picking up all the blankets in her crib, but couldn't find it, so I pulled Kara out of her crib and turned on her little light.  I looked all over in her crib and couldn't find it.  I started to pull her crib away from the wall(cause she likes to shove things between her crib and the wall) and she starts laughing and says "Blanky hiding, you found it".. it was hilarious!  That girl is so silly!

She is so dang smart, she just blows us away sometimes.  She talks so well, and really knows what she is saying. She has started using the potty chair a little more often, usually once or twice a day, she can count to ten, sing the whole alphabet, she loves to dance... and has more dance moves than Joe and I combined!

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