Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Move On Over Damien.. There Is A New Boy(s) In Town.

As you all know, or should know, Damien Rice has been a long time love of mine.  Unfortunately, he has left a hole in my heart.  He has not been on tour in the US in almost 3 years, hasn't released a new album in almost 6 years, and he has left me feeling empty.  I still love him, but if this relationship is going to continue, he really needs to put out.

Thank God for Mumford & Sons.  Ever since I first heard "Little Lion Man" on the radio I knew I needed to know who sung it, and have the album.  I got the album and fell in love.  They are folky, british(you know how I love me a good accent), bluegrassy, amazingness.  Their album came out in the US in February of 2010, tickets went on sale for their Minneapolis show on March 5th and it sold out in minutes... pretty amazing stuff right there!  I was one of the lucky few that actually got tickets to the concert!!  AND I also won tickets to their in-studio performance at The Current... I got to see them twice in one day, and there were people dying to just see them once... I am pretty sure I am the luckiest girl alive!!  They have the passion that Damien has, awesome lyrics, and you can't help but stomp your feet or clap your hands along to the beat of every song.

So, Tuesday, March 25th was probably one of the most amazing days of my life. I left work at 12:15 to go to the in-studio performance @ The Current.  I brought a girlfriend from work, Annie, who loves music almost as much as I do :)  We were so freakin excited about this that people were looking at us funny... not that that is anything unusual to have people looking at us funny... but whatever.  Annie was not lucky enough to get tickets to the show, so she was super pumped that I invited her along to the in-studio.  I was ready to cry/puke/scream/explode I was so excited!  The in-studio performance was amazing.  Everything was stripped down and acoustic, the band was awesome.  They played 3 songs and did a little interview(they will be airing it on The Current on Friday at 7:30 am if you want to check it out).  I was kinda bummed that the band members didn't stick around to meet Annie and I... but whatever.

Later that night Joe and I headed down to the Varsity Theater to see Mumford & Sons.  We stood in the rain for an hour waiting for the door to open.. lame, but SO worth it!  The opening band was kinda sucky.. they had a couple songs that I enjoyed, but for the most part I just wanted them to be done so I could see my loves.  Between sets it seems like we waited FOREVER.  There was probably 9 million people in the Varsity, which probably should really only hold 1,200... we were hot, sweaty messes.  From the second Mumford & Sons took the stage the entire audience was mesmerized.  It was THE.MOST.AMAZING.SHOW.EVER.  I think a big part of the amazingness was the crowd.  You could tell that ever single person in the crowd truly loved Mumford & Sons.  The applause/cheering/clapping during and in between songs was just incredible.  I think even the band was taken by surprise at the love that was coming from the crowd.  I love Minneapolis for how much everyone in the city appreciates good music.  There is such a great music scene here, and I am proud to be a part of it.

There is a great review of the show that you can find here 

Truly one of the most amazing, unforgettable days of my life.  There are just no words to describe how absolutely unreal the show was.  Freakin amazing!  I love the fact that Joe and I were able to see Mumford & Sons at the Varsity... it will probably be the only time they play a venue that small in the Twin Cities ever again.  In between songs, Marcus Mumford - the lead singer, said "This is the most loved we've been, so far away from home"... I hope that means they loved Minneapolis as much as we loved them and they will be coming back soon!! :)


  1. You forgot the part about your mom (grandma Julie) spending the night with one of the most incredible little girls in the world, Kara Elise Lien. She's beautiful, funny and such a joy. We had an incredible night together and thank you two for going to the concert so that we could have grandma time:)

  2. Why does it always have to be about you!?!?